In 2016 I want to release even more music, I don’t care much about other labels much since they’re wasting my time, and I much rather send out my music out there for free in optional so people could pay for it (self distribution). I am quite on my way forging my own style in things. So I am really really eager to start my year fresh. Furthermore the last period of 2015 I was working on my small little EP and I am happy to say that I finished working on it.

That is what I said last year. I didn’t had much plans in 2016 besides making music, and that is what I did. I dedicated myself to less types of music and that made me a stronger and better producer, thinking more outside the box and creating more sounds that I like instead of trying to go with the flow and make what people like, I’d say it made me more authentic and unique. Which is a great perk to have as a music producer.

2016 was a great year for me. It started off pretty good. I released my first EP named Leopard and I got great support on it. Actually more than I would think off. It wasn’t a radiohit or anything but that wasn’t my intention. The EP got released on the 1st of February and is available on Spotify, iTunes and more.

I first sent the EP to a lot of artists and got positive reactions and/or support from artists like Hasse de Moor, Astronomar, Hype Turner, Noizekid, Señor Roar, Dutch DJ’s Freddy Morreira and Babelish. And last but not least DJ4B supported 1 particular track named Housecat and eventually helped me re-release Housecat on Maca Music which helped me out even more and gaining more support from artists like, BIGGS, Victor Nigilo, Ape Drums and many more. My year couldn’t start even better.

With a big ass motivation boost I went in the year with great positivity. And went on with even more producing. Worked with quite a few artist which is new for me because past few years I have actually never really liked working with other people because of the hassle with FLP files not working. But I have to say it worked out pretty good for me.

After my EP I started off with something different. It was not a populair track but it was different which I why I made and published it eventually. Which was ‘I Don’t Wanna Look At You‘ And right away I started my first collab of the year which was with Renato S. I worked with him last year and this time we went more with an relaxed afrohouse kind of vibe named Danza De La Lluvia.

Right after that I worked with Chilean Producer Innobass. We started working out pretty quick and solid and within a couple weeks we had an release on AYE Records. Mueve Ese Culo got support from quite a few names and got released on Spotify. Innobass is a great and talented producer, be on the lookout on him!

Like any other producer there were soooo many work in progress tracks that never made it to live. Either because I found them too generic or just weird or stupid. I still like to experiment with different genres like Drum & Bass, Grime, Instrumentals and even beautiful ambient tracks which I want to release under my alias Njamimars. Created 2 tracks under this alias this year. Next year I want to experiment more under this alias and release some tracks here regulary as well.

Yuri Viroj Studio

Right after the release of Mueve Ese Culo I got to work on a lot of projects and eventually finished 2 tracks almost at the same time. One of those I finished in the sunny Crete were named ‘In Control’ and ‘BLUR’ which were both heavy club Moombahton bangers. And eventually another moombahton banger that got supported by Flava in his Powerhouse mix.

End of this year I am working on a lot of work in progress projects. Some of them may never hit the daylight but I can already say that there is one release left planned for 2016. 2017 is going to be another year full of producing. In 2017 I feel like I have way more time in my hands because I have got my own space in Amsterdam hoping to meet new people and dive right in the nightlife because I live right in the city center. And I will dedicate more time in getting my own style established even more.

Yuri Viroj - Dance For Serious City Schiedam

As DJ this year was okay-ish. I had my set of gigs scattered around the year but I haven’t done much to get gigs because they aren’t my priority yet. Of course DJing is fun, and I love to DJ but most of the times the requests I get is to play in a club and play the same music every DJ plays, there is no fun in that. Dutchy’s say they are way ahead in music but in the other hand they are spoiled and rather listen to music that they hear 100 times a day than going to the club and finding about new talents and music,

I hope my new live in Amsterdam will help me to get some more gigs, as I am an official registered company now, so that can help out a bit. In the end of 2016 I even performed in one of the biggest venue’s in Rotterdam which is the Maassilo on quite a big festival. It was a great experience, and I wish I had more of these. 2017 is going to be another year of just having fun and producing. Each year is getting more serious. Trying to have more collaborations with different artists, and trying to create even crazier and more beautiful sounds.

See you in 2017, and I already wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Stay safe and drink responsibly!