About Me

The world only stops spinning when you stop spinning music.Yuri Viroj

Yuri Viroj (yu·ri – vee·roy)  spends most of his time in his attic creating sounds,music and creating the fanciest melodies he can think of. His speciality is club music, as some may call it booty music or TTFU(Turn The F*ck Up) music. Creating the hottest EDM tracks varying from Moombahton & Jungle Terror to relaxing vibes of Tech House. This talented producer is capable of everything.

His creations have been supported by big names in the likes of Mike Hawkins (Spinning’ Records), Roul & Doors (Revealed), Rawtek (Buygore), Ricky Vaughn, Ookay (Dim Mak), Carita la Niña and many more. And got airtime like FunX, KissFM, Radio538 and tons of internet radio’s.


What DAW do you use?

I started off with FL Studio when I was 12, and never stopped using it ever since. I’ve tried Logic and Ableton. Both have their uses and both have their advantages but FL Studio still gives me te best feeling. The only thing I would like that it would be better to create mixtapes with FL Studio.

What is your favourite VST?

My favourite VST was Massive since I started off as a Dubstep Producer, I spend most of my time with Massive. But as soon Serum got released I cheated and found my new lover.

How does your master chain looks like?

Basically I just use a limiter and a multi-band compressor.

Why have you started making music?

The reason I started making music is basically because I always loved to make sounds wether that is with a computer or with an instrument. My mother is a singer and because of that I can say that I been raised with music. When I was young I remember that we got our first PC with a software named ‘ejay’ which is basically a DAW with only build in samples, that got me interested in producing music with the computer.

What are your goals?

I just want to have fun, meet new people and eventually make a living by producing music and performing. I don’t do this for the money at all otherwise I probably have stopped 5 years ago. Just enough to survive I guess. Of course bigger goals would be things like performing international and working with producers like Cesqueax, Diplo, and Munchi.

Any tips for aspiring producers?

While I am quite aspiring myself yet but because I’ve been around for a while yet all I can say it be patience and produce because you like it, not because it is cool and because you want money and bitches. If you just keep having fun everything becomes easier and less stressful. Just be yourself!