Being experimental is tough business.

Yooooo, so I have been thinking, I am a producer that likes to do what I want. I make music I want to make and I don’t like rules in this. Nor I don’t like making music that sounds a like. Of course I have got tunes that sound like a generic Moombahton track or House track, but in those tracks there are always unique stuff that differ the track from others.

But here’s the problem. Lately I make tracks and send them to DJs and getting the same reaction on them makes me think. All my tracks seem weird for everyone. I make weird music, but people are afraid to adapt and change it up. I mean the dutch scene is all over this. The same formula is used on so called Afro-House and Moombahton with a brass sample in front of each bar. But new stuff? No place for that.

I make all my music from scratch, I don’t use templates or reference songs, I don’t use the same samples for everything. I switch it up. Like I said, I don’t believe there are rules for this, but I see that generic music or music that sounds like the others are getting much more attention, which is logical. Same goes for my music. When I create music that has more familiar aspects people tend to repost it way more often. There is a reason why Pop music is so populair. Familiarity is safe.

Yes I do make music for people, and I do hope people like my music. But I also make music because I like it, and I like to experiment with music, because there are no limits there. Some say I must adapt to the crowd. But I think otherwise. There are too many of the same kind of DJ’s and Producers already.

Because there are way more producers nowadays, it is hard to get your name there. And right now I feel producers that are being original and innovative are being punished for this by people that copy trends and ride them. Of course that is a smart move, but hey.

I am not falling for this, I will continue to make music I think is cool for you all, even if I make music that won’t be heard by tons of people. I don’t care. Making music is a part of my life, and because of that I have grown a lot of patience.

Just my 2 cents