Don’t pay for reposts or anything, here’s why

So you’re new to producing but your tracks can’t reach anyone because there are too much trees to see the forest. “What now?” is the question you ask yourself. “How do I reach thy” You see people having a lot of followers, and tracks with a lot of comments. You seem to have it…

You open your biggest mate; and you search “Soundcloud likes comments reposts” – you find yourself someone on fiverrr or any other freelance site. You’ll see someone who will repost your track for 1 million people for only 5 euro/dollar. “WHY OH WHY, THIS WILL SOLVE MY PROBLEM” is the only thing that comes up in your mind.

The next thing you do is you make an account and order yourself a SoundCloud package on one of those sites, in the hope your stats will increase by a lot. In the hope real people will listen to your music for only 5 euro/dollar – You pay the guy, give him your soundcloud link and wait a couple of days before the magic happens. F5, F5, F5 is all you do, checking if those numbers will increase. Suddenly after one more F5, your track went from 23 plays to a booming 5238 plays. “What the fuck” is the only thing you said out loud, because this is really not what you wanted. Next F5, adds 2319 more plays and some comments saying – “nice” “cool track” “fav” “fire emoji” “omg” “dope” “yes” “damn son”. And on that point you realise you are fucked. You paid 5 real monies to have 23891 bots swarm your account with fake energy, and all you can do now is… Cry and delete your track because you don’t want to look stupid and obvious.

Don’t be like Eric. Don’t buy these so-called advertisements, they only make it harder for yourself and anybody else to stand out there, because it’s all fake and stupid. Don’t let other people make money on this, it will only destroy Soundcloud even more. Blogs asking 50$ for a reposts, reposts channels with fake followers asking money. This should stop.

* above story is fictional, but can be happening in real life.

Dancefair 2018!

Dancefair is a gathering of 7.500 music makers. They share knowledge, embrace musical talent. And I am part of it. Check my artist page on Dancefair!

I’ll be present on the following days:

  • 17 February – KLASH BASS ROOM (area 13) – How to Sign Your Tracks – 12:00 to 12:45
  • 18 February – DAW Café – FL Studio – 10:00 to 18:00

Get your tickets here: TICKETS!

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Advanced Producers
Luca Pretolesi (USA), Darcy Proper (USA), Ali Station (UK), Paul Nolan (UK), Basto (BE), John Christian (NL), Dan D’Ascenzo (BE), MarcoAntonio Spaventi (IT), Robin Reumers (NL)

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Soundcloud and its feed…

Yuri Viroj

I have been wondering a lot lately. I have got a legit 2.3k followers on Soundcloud but my current releases is having a hard time getting listened. Sometimes not even 5% is able to listen to my music. How is this posible? Is my music becoming wack, ? Maybe… but then again the like/listen ratio is still good, so there must be more going on.

Since the feature of reposts got implemented it is a good way to get exposure on tracks if you got few followers. Which is an awesome feature. But this also comes with a big downside. If you track doesn’t get reposted because of various reasons like big guys don’t repost anymore because their own profile is getting a mess, you are missing a lot of exposure. Why is that? Mostly because of how Soundcloud homepage feed is working right now.

The way the homepage works is that you currently see everything your followers do. You see their uploads and their reposts. The problem here is that if you upload a brand new track. And your followers go to their feed and if their followers reposted a bunch of tracks the chance your followers even see your new track is really low unless they follow only a few people. Which is bad, since you cannot bring up your own tracks besides creating a new playlist but then again you’re losing all previous likes/reposts on that playlist, which is very inconvenient.

How can we fix this? Easy! Make the upload and repost feed able to filter. So you can put a preference what you want to see first, new music from the people you follow or music from everywhere and every time with no way to filter those reposts.