My 9 sweet tips for new producers.

Since I am a aspiring producer myself but while I am doing this for a while now I can safely say that I have learnt some great things that are helping me out while I am busy with music. Here are 10 quick tips that you should keep in mind while you’re starting out with producing, these tips are my opinion and you should take them with a grain of salt. These tips do not have a particular order.

Practice and have patience.

Producing is a complex craft that requires a lot of practice and patience. There are things that you have to learn before you can even call yourself a producer in my opinion. Downloading a DAW won’t make you a producer. Same as buying a camera won’t make you an photographer.

You should know that everything you make in the start isn’t going to sound good right away and you have to have peace with the fact that the first couple of songs aren’t going to reach 50 plays or more. If they are, good job. If you feel like no one listens to your music, it is part of the journey, we have all been there, let it not hold you back. It can take up to months or years to grow yourself a little fanbase or steady listeners. Patience and practice is key here, just keep yourself motivated and keep in mind why you are making music.

Think big but set your goals.

It is important to strive towards something, may it be that you are  headlining Tomorrowland or that you work together with Skrillex, it is important to set goals before that. Because when you’re just starting out you’re not going to have a collaboration with Skrillex. So set goals that you want. Let’s say; play at your local venue first or work with good local producers. To work your way up. And if you achieved one goal, make yourself a new one. And all those goals completed will eventually take your closer to your ultimate dream. Like Mario you won’t find the princes in the first level, there are a set of levels you have to complete before you find her, and even if you think you have find her, she is in another castle. Keep on completing those goals!

Be openminded.

One of my most concerns as a producer that I see other producers hating on genres or other producers because they make music THEY find generic or boring. DON’T BE THAT GUY! One part of being a music producer is standing open towards every genre there is, as they are thing where you could eventually find your inspiration from.

Listening to a lot of genre’s will help you to be versatile and be able to produce more than 1 genre that you may be interested in. Like for an example. If you are an house producer it could be amazing to look in the way dubstep is produced, because you could eventually use aspects or techniques you have used there on your own ‘main’ genre. Being open to all kinds of music even though they aren’t your favourite is a bonus for people that aren’t.

There are no rules.

Unlike some crafts there are certain rules you have to keep in mind. The greatness with music is that there aren’t any rules! But indeed if you want to make yourself a producer that creates typical pop music that has certain things yes there are. But if you try to just make your own style and do it your own way. The only thing that matters is that when it sounds good, it is good. And if there were rules there would be no room for creativity.

Train your ears.

Music is for your ears so it is really important to train them because you are the creator of music. You are the one that makes the melodies, beats and sounds. That is why it is crucial that you can tell the difference between good notes and false notes. You  be able to tell if someone sings off key.

The way I did this is just playing around with notes and vocals. You don’t have to perfectly tell by listening to a track to tell what key it is in. But it is important that you are able to know when it sounds good. A Kick that is in D could perfectly work on a melody that is made in B. It just has to sound good that is it. I can’t listen to music anymore without decomposing the song I am listening to, trying to find and write down all the elements used in my head.

No DAW is the best DAW

The fault starting producers make is to find the DAW that is the BEST. I can tell you there is no best DAW and all DAWs can do the same thing which is making music. Of course all DAWs have their pro’s and cons. Some DAWs are better for recording and some are better with samples, you name it. But the fact is that it is really important to pick a DAW that you feel is a DAW that doesn’t limit you to your creativity, because that is was producing music is all about.

My suggestion is when you start making music make a choice that you think is best. If you never used a DAW before you should consider picking one that most of your friends or people in your surrounding use. If you don’t have that try them all out. Almost every DAW has a trial which you can use. The reason why I told to pick a DAW that most of your friends use is because they can help you to feel home within that DAW. Also when you have somewhat mastered a DAW it is really hard to switch, because you are so used to that particular DAW. Getting to know all DAWs is a bonus!

Don’t beg your way to the top.

Networking is a big part of this business. You have to make friends with people that motivate you, wanna work with you, or you with them or people that can help you to grow even bigger. The thing is even though they may be business partners they are normal people like anyone else. They like to be threaten that way.

So if you would for instance play at your local venue, my advice is to go out there and meet the promotors are the people that work there. And if you would like to work with a producer then approach him like you would approach anyone, if you’re going to beg him to listen to your music he will probably not even spend his attention in you. Same is with arselicking, of course there is appreciation in someone’s work but keep it gentle and civil. No one likes a brown nose.

Surround yourself with people that motivate you.

This is just something generic but helpful. If you have a group of friends that won’t support you in anything what you are doing it is hard for you to keep motivated. But if you surround yourself with people that eventually do the same as you you motivate each other to work harder and reach your goals. This is the same with some people that have a hard time doing sports,  if you have a friend that keeps telling that you should come with him to the gym you’re going to because you do not want to let yourself and the other down. It is the same with this, if you have a group or community of friends that share the same hobby or goal you’re are all going to motivate each other.

Have fun.

This is something that a lot a producers forget, that you need to have fun in the things you do. Of course there are a lot of aspects in producing that are less fun like mastering/mixing (imo). But like everything you’re going to do a better job with everything if you’re having fun. And there are a lot of producers that indeed do this purely for the money, it is a choice you make!

I hope this will help you out on your journey, good luck!

Yuri Viroj – Housecat

Yuri Viroj - Housecat

As I told before. Housecat was re-released on Maca Music! Housecat is a banging moombahton club banger and ready for every dancefloor. Early support from DJ4B, Hasse de Moor and many more. Download it for free while it’s still hot!

”Leopard” OUT NOW!

”Leopard” is the first EP made by Yuri Viroj. Leopard is an 3 track EP that shows what Yuri Viroj can do and what he is capabele of. Yuri Viroj wanted to have a 3 track EP with his favorite 3 genres; Trap, Moombahton and House. So you can find all three genres in here. Leopard gained likes and early support from artists like; DJ4B, Hasse De Moor, Noizekid and many more.

Check out the whole EP below:

Housecat is getting an rerelease on MACA MEDIA so warm yourself up for that one :)