Hey guys,

This post is dedicated about how my year was and how I progressed, and what my plans are for the year 2016.

Let’s start of by saying that I want to thank you all for the support I got this year from you guys, it’s been a great year for me since I have released quite a few new originals, with a few releases and a few free downloads.

The start of the year was kinda sloppy, it was a busy time with school and internship so in the start I didn’t release much stuff and layed down pretty low. I eventually hooked up with Renato S to release my first original of 2015 named ‘Don’t Phone Me’ it was a fun project and it went pretty quick with that gaining a lot of support from different blogs, djs and more.Yuri Viroj @ Maasboulevard 2015

Not long after that I created ‘Wrecker’ which was a huge motivation for me because of the early support it got. It had early support from quite a few big names, even from Diplo’s A&R which unfortunately did nothing with the track. It did got supported by a guy that inspirates me a lot named; Mike Hawkins! I was actually quite happy because ‘Wrecker’ was the first track I made that gained support from actual big A name artists. It went through the roof. I tried to release the track on Gregor Salto’s label which they liked, but eventually no response. So I gave the track away for free.

After that I released my first single of 2015 named ‘Brap’. Which was a fun project! Even though it wasn’t that huge song in the first place it got a lot of support in the British dance scene, but conclusion for 2016 is to dedicate my style a little less from the Tech House. My Tech House release went really really fine tough. It was released on my labels Compilation EP and my contribution here was named ‘It’s Al Right’ which is misspelled on the major stores but who cares haha.
This track was eventually supported by a lot of artist around the world and played on quite a few radio stations, e.g. Kiss FM in Australia!

My other free releases where in line of my moombahton spirit, they we’re called ‘Taco Salsa & Versatile’ Which gained GREAT support actually! I am really happy to see that people dig my music, even if my music isn’t crossing the 10k play mark yet, I am satisfied by the amount I reach today. Both tracks gained support from the one and only Ookay and many more artist helped me get my name there; Thank you Ricky Vaughn, I really appreciate that you took the time to repost my tracks lately, it helped me a lot! Oh yeah, Major Lazer also downloaded Taco Salsa, and again too bad they didn’t do anything with it, One day hehe!

Yuri Viroj - Dance For Serious City SchiedamSpinning wise I was really laying low, because I had way too much fun spending my time in my productions than spinning every weekend. I had my private parties and some gigs, but I haven’t really focussed on getting them. And I had a blast doing my thing in my own hometown Schiedam at the Maasboulevard feesten and I showed most of Schiedam what I can do. I am not planning to spin much more in 2016 as well. The DJ scene in Rotterdam is kind of not my thing, producing is still my thing.

As Njamimars, as some of you may not know is my other alias for productions. I have released my album named ‘Untold’ which had a few older songs and a few new ones. I love producing as Njamimars because it’s like the opposite way of Yuri Viroj. You can really hear the difference of the sound and feeling of my other alias and it’s a great way for me to stay creative and versatile with my productions. In 2016 I am planning on releasing another EP as Njamimars.

In 2016

I want to release even more music, I don’t care much about other labels much since they’re wasting my time, and I much rather send out my music out there for free in optional so people could pay for it (self distribution). I am quite on my way forging my own style in things. So I am really really eager to start my year fresh. Furthermore the last period of 2015 I was working on my small little EP and I am happy to say that I finished working on it.

Right now I am sending my EP to a lot of inspirations in the hope they like it, and I will drop the EP for free in 2016, as thank you for the support I’ve got the past year. And I am really really excited to do so.¬†Again thank you all for the support, downloads, hate, reposts and likes, it made me the person who I am now and I am really looking forward to what 2016 has to bring me!

Thanks for reading my little recap and I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Joeri, Yuri Viroj

1.000 followers on SoundCloud; Introducing Pow!

Yuri Viroj - Pow!

Hey all,

I finally reached another milestone in my road to succes as some of you may call it. I’ve reached the magic number of 1.000 on my soundcloud page! Even though it doesn’t sound like much, to me it means a lot and it’s giving me a lot of motivation to strive for making even more music!

So to celebrate that I am giving away this new track I’ve been working on. It’s an energetic jungle terror kind of track with grime influences!

You can check out the track below:

‘Wrecker’ Supported by Mike Hawkins in his latest radio show!

‘Wrecker’ is supported by Mike Hawkins in his latest radio show! The continuous support on Yuri Viroj his latest track isn’t over yet! Check out the radio rip below!

You can download the full track on Yuri Viroj his SoundCloud page at: https://soundcloud.com/yuriviroj