Computer has left the game

Yuri Viroj Giphy

As some of you heard my computer died on the 18th of July, it was a messy day. Everything already went wrong and it seemed like nothing could get any worse, my just showered cat gets on top of my turned on computer! It immediately turns off, and I tried saving it by unplugging everything and let everything dry. Too bad with no luck. Tried backtracking the problem. PSU seems fine, luckily my HDD and SSD are okay. But my motherboard, GPU and processor seem fried.

That’s been almost 3 weeks ago. And I feel really useless. I came back from Tomorrowland with tons of inspiration and motivation and yet nothing to put that in to. I tried installing Logic Pro on my macbook, but without all my plugins/samples and for the fact that I am not feeling comfortable with Logic yet, has put me off. The fact that I still have all my stuff has made me stay positive. Since it could take a while till I get a PC back. It has given me time to think about certain things. Things like: What kind of music I want to make, if I want to do anything besides making music, what should I do with DJ’ing. Starting something new.

So besides a major negative thing happening. I can always stay positive in certain moments, and I think that’s a good thing. I lost all my older projects in 2011, all my hard worked rap beats were lost, and will always be lost. But it has made me stronger. And I am sure this makes me come back even harder, and gives me the motivation that this is (making music) what I want to do my entire life. And there is only me that can work hard enough to achieve that vision.

I am currently waiting for my insurance to give me message about my claim, wether it is going to be approved or declined. I have to decide from there what I do. I can fix or replace the broken components if that is possible. We’ll see! Coming back as soon as I can!