My opinion about ”Like4Download”


If you’re downloading free music nowadays you must have already seen this around. The like 4 download what is almost all over Soundcloud, producers love it, DJ’s hate it. Since I am both, I accept and understand why people are doing this.

Soundcloud is a platform for everybody to put out its content may it be mixes, remixes or original work. But it can be hard for aspiring producers to build up a fanbase therefore they try everything in the books to get there as soon as possible. Before like 4 download was a thing I also struggled, hoping that an artist or friend would repost a song so it gained more exposure was all you could hope for. Now you can easily let your downloaders decide if they want to support your stuff in favour of a track they like, it all seems fair.

Some say that it is cheap, that you’re forcing people to like you in order to download your music, and it is not fair because you’re not giving people a choice wether they should follow, like, comment, follow on external platforms and so on. But then again, how much effort does it take to press a couple buttons to support the artist who made that music?

So what do I do?

The thing that I agree that is annoying is that these so called fangates add their own community to these gates. So instead of just following the artist, you’re also following 493 accounts that you don’t know shit about and your feed is bloated with content you do not approve. How do you get past this? Make a second soundcloud with a name such as ”Yuri Viroj Approved” and have that logged in on another internet browser. This way you can still show people that you’re digging that track and you give support without bloating your main account. Nice one right?