Soundcloud and its feed…

Yuri Viroj

I have been wondering a lot lately. I have got a legit 2.3k followers on Soundcloud but my current releases is having a hard time getting listened. Sometimes not even 5% is able to listen to my music. How is this posible? Is my music becoming wack, ? Maybe… but then again the like/listen ratio is still good, so there must be more going on.

Since the feature of reposts got implemented it is a good way to get exposure on tracks if you got few followers. Which is an awesome feature. But this also comes with a big downside. If you track doesn’t get reposted because of various reasons like big guys don’t repost anymore because their own profile is getting a mess, you are missing a lot of exposure. Why is that? Mostly because of how Soundcloud homepage feed is working right now.

The way the homepage works is that you currently see everything your followers do. You see their uploads and their reposts. The problem here is that if you upload a brand new track. And your followers go to their feed and if their followers reposted a bunch of tracks the chance your followers even see your new track is really low unless they follow only a few people. Which is bad, since you cannot bring up your own tracks besides creating a new playlist but then again you’re losing all previous likes/reposts on that playlist, which is very inconvenient.

How can we fix this? Easy! Make the upload and repost feed able to filter. So you can put a preference what you want to see first, new music from the people you follow or music from everywhere and every time with no way to filter those reposts.