Switching DAWs

Hey all, it’s been a while since I wrote something here, but at the moment it feels like a good moment what’s happening at the moment, since I haven’t released any music in a couple months now. The reason is; I am switching to Ableton, so I am playing around to see it’s perks and to feel comfortable with the DAW. First impressions, I really like Ableton, and coming from a massive FL Studio user.


While the new updates with FL Studio really increased the workflow, eg. Automation automatically grouped to the instruments, which is really nice. But Ableton has all those things a little easier imho. You can easily search your whole sample database by pressing CMD + F. So for instance you need some impacts, you press CMD + F search for impacts and litterly all impacts you got stored under your samples will popup making it very easy to scroll through all your impact sounds. FL Studio does this as well but it’s way slower. This also works with plugins, so assigning effects to a channel is really fast.

With automation Ableton is also way cleaner, while FL Studio has good automation drawing freedom, Ableton does this better. For instance all parameters you tweak will automatically enable its automation. While with FL Studio using 3rd party plugins you need to tweak the parameter first then go to the options “create automation for last tweaked”. And if you haven’t assigned the channel to the playlist it will also put the automation somewhere in the playlist making it quite messy and hard to find!

So all and all, Ableton has a way quicker and easier workflow to start writing your ideas. However I do miss some features FL Studio has.

For instance the step sequencer is the thing I do really miss the most. Ableton has Drum Rack where you can easily do the same, but for me working with FL Studio the step sequencer was just so quick to write a drum loop. While Ableton you need to put in a drum rack which has the same channel so you can’t EQ the kick and the snare on the same rack afaik, which makes you need to use multiple racks for each drums. But I just got teached that this is possible! Thank you Teknoclash, still got a long way to go :)

Second is the Piano Roll which worked so great on FL Studio. For instance if you selected a longer midi input, you would use that lenght to write melodies. In Ableton you always use a short input therefore you need to manually lengthen the inputs every time you write chord progressions for example. I know this is all habit and will change when I get used to it.

Cool features

While FL Studio has good features, I really think Ableton has features that I never knew I needed them untill I found out Ableton has them.

Ableton has the feature you can search through older projects and litterly use elements used in an other project in the current just by dragging the elements in the playlist! Like what the fuck, how convenient is that! Ableton makes it easy for you to freeze tracks so people without specific plugins can still collab with you without any troubles. You can easily deactivate samples/midi input for later use. Duplicate channels, transpose loops easily, and much more!


The number one reason I switched is because the popularity of Ableton. It’s really easy to find people that use the same DAW and I thought that is the number one reason I want to switch. I know a few people in my surroundings that use FL Studio. And yet I know a lot of them use Ableton. So I guess it’s convenience. Other than that I also think it is really important to know multiple DAWs as it just increases your knowledge as a Music Producer.

As for the best DAW. I don’t think there is. As long as you feel comfortable with it. If you feel like you need something new, try some! Be open to other DAWs. They all work and they are no excuse to your skill in producing.